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      Battle Of
       West Point


        The fort contained three artillery pieces: a 32-pound naval gun which was placed on the southeast corner of the fort, and two 12-pound Napoleon guns, one of which was placed on the southwest corner and another on the northwest corner.   

southwest corner

southeast corner

northeast corner

        The two 12-pound guns, known as Napoleons after the French Emperor Louis Napoleon, were among the most popular and dependable guns of the Civil War period.  The 12-pounder had a smooth bore, was effective, and easily maneuvered.  It had a range of 1600 yards using the solid shot, shell, or case shot.  Within short distances, a canister loaded with shot was used  with lethal effects.  The 12-pound Napoleon guns that are now in the fort are reproductions made by South Bend Replicas (cast iron barrel) and Paulson Brothers Ordinance Corp.  (aluminum carriage).  

        The 32-pound naval gun was constructed by Charles Lott of Lott Pattern Shop in West Point.  Plans for the 32-pounder were provided by Gary Blakeney in Pascagoula, Mississippi.  This cannon is identical in design to the cannon used in the 1989 movie "Glory."