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      Battle Of
       West Point
 Local Industry

        In March 1866, The Chattahoochee Manufacturing Company was chartered for textile manufacturing.   The cornerstone of their new plant on the river at Langdale was laid August 1, 1866.  On that same day, the cornerstone for The Alabama & Georgia Manufacturing Company plant located further downriver at Riverview was also laid.

        The manpower to drive these ventures came primarily from those who had formerly farmed but were no longer able to effectively do so due to depleted manpower and unsettled conditions. The opportunity for work in and wages from the rapidly growing textile industry dramatically broadened the economic base of the community.

        These enterprises were the predecessors of what later grew into West Point Manufacturing Company and today is known as WestPoint Stevens, and which still remains one of the primary economic pillars of West Point.

        With foresight, resourcefulness, drive and determination, the people at our community had returned West Point and the surrounding area from the legacy of ashes left by Colonel LaGrange. In just over a year, our efforts toward reorganization and rebuilding had progressed to the point that West Point was one of the first, if not the first, cities in Georgia to be relieved by the Federal government of military control.



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