At The Fred
We have had some warm and very productive nights this past week.  Add in an incredible orchestra and the set and we see a play forming before our eyes.    You've done very well this week.    Keep it up.   This Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are critical days in our play!   Focus, get into character, and perform!
The Week Ahead

Monday - Full show in costume without orchestra
Tuesday - Full show in costume with orchestra
Wednesday - Full show in costume with orchestra 
Thursday - no rehearsal!  Stay home.   Grill something.  Shoot some fireworks tomorrow!

Are you starting to feel it yet?   First is the sensation that the production dates are near.  Second is the sensation that the play is coming together.  Excitement is building!

So you thought the Mayor didn't sing in the play?
In the original script, there was a reprise of "Trouble" in the 2nd Act, but this reprise had Mayor Shinn singing "Ya Got Trouble, Mr. Hill."  It was performed once in Philadelphia during a brief run there prior to the Broadway premiere.  The producers later removed it because it seemed to diminish mayor's tenacious character.
Pizza Party in River City

The entire cast loved the pizza party last Tuesday.  Thank you so much to Jeannine Corley for arranging the event.   The pizza from Jets was really good and we ordered just the right amount.  We will continue the fun during the remaining weeks by cooling off our hot summer nights.   You be sure to thank for parents and adult cast members for making it happen.     

Snow Cones to Cool the Hot Night!
This week, we will have snow cones for the cast on Tuesday night.  These are free to all so just enjoy!
Director Dana!
Dana joins her Biddie Ensemble for the Grecian Urn Dance.  The ladies look fabulous and quite animated! 

What is "Iowa Stubborn?"
This excerpt is from a piece written by Meredith Willson for the New York Herald Tribune just prior to the Broadway opening of "The Music Man."
I lived in Mason City, Iowa, till I was sixteen. With my folks. My brother is a very smart man in the industrial field. Light aggregate concrete. In fact, he is an expert. I don't mind telling that to you, but it's the first time I've ever told it to him. That's what we call Iowa-stubborn.
My wife and I made a homecoming appearance at a home show in Des Moines seven or eight years ago and didn't receive enough applause to get us out onto the platform- there were a lot of Mason City people there, too, including several of my kissing relatives.  Who do they think they are anyway?  That's what we call Iowa-contrary.
In 1949 a couple people including Frank Loesser said, "I think you ought to write a musical comedy about Iowa." I thought it was a good idea and I wanted very much to do it but I refused, just to keep my neck bowed. Several others including my wife Rimi had already made the same suggestion and I had already refused for the same reason. Nobody brought it up anymore for some time, and I began to think they thought I couldn't do it. So, of course, I had to give it a try. That's what we call Iowa-arrogance.


Who Said it?
* 'That fella's been the raspberry seed in my wisdom tooth long enough!'
* 'It's Capulets like you who make blood in the marketplace!'
* 'I suppose I'm not the first to think clearer when not under the spell of your salesmanship.'
* 'It's a well-known principle that if you keep flint in one drawer and steel in the other, you'll never strike much of a fire.'
* 'One Grecian urn. Two Grecian urns. And for a fountain, trickle, trickle, trickle, trickle!'